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    About us

    S. A. A. is a certified engineering and air conditioning company, which designs and installs air conditioning systems throughout the country. S. A. A Engineering & Air Conditioning Ltd, provides a full range of services in the field of air-conditioning for business and individuals since 2002 and is a registered contractor in section 107 of the Registrar of Contractors (number of contractor 31590).

    The company is recognized by consultants, customers and even competitors as one of the leading companies in air conditioning industry. While ensuring quality, the company is working on the promotion of professionalism and innovation, with an emphasis on reliability, which is reflected in the adequate compensation to customers and the honest and fair consultation.

    Our company is involved in designing air conditioning systems, for every area and every building. Supply and install advanced air conditioning systems, one of the leading manufacturers in Israel and worldwide.

    SAA undertakes Providing a professional and thorough response to any issue, while respecting law and ethics. The company also gives personal and courteous treatment to all its customers. In addition to our personal and professional and trustworthy attitude, we make every effort to assist with every application and application in the field of air conditioning engineering.

    SAA Engineering and Air Conditioning has a team of certified, professional and senior management, engineers and technicians who have vast experience in the field of air conditioning.

    The company specializes in real-world solutions for all air conditioning problems, including: air conditioning systems for operating rooms and clean rooms, quality control, planning, engineering, project performance, installations, maintenance and repair services nationwide, for every purpose and purpose, and in every area and structure, including: commercial centers and malls , Shops, restaurants, offices, industrial buildings, hospitals, etc.

    Areas of activity of the company:

    SAA Engineering and Air Conditioning, designs and installs the most advanced air conditioning systems, systems based on inverter technology including VRF, chillers, puckage, yatas / fancoils, water sources, central mini DX systems and split air conditioners. Our company also designs and installs blowers for smoke release, vapors, compressor blowers, heat pumps, cooling towers, and tents, structure control, clean rooms and fresh air systems.

    We at SAA are attentive to listening to needs and desires and to adhering to the exact timetable, with all the goodwill to come towards the client in every way possible. We accompany each project from start to finish, with great dedication and care, emphasizing the values ​​and human principles that the company represents.

    The company’s clients include a large number of construction companies and private developers, various government offices, local councils, commercial bodies, hotels, hospitals, etc., such as: Shuvi Entrepreneurial Sky, Allied Real Estate Ltd, Ramat Fiber Joint Transaction Ltd Ltd., Tel Aviv Center for Surgery and Plastics, Shai Medical Ltd., Anis Contracting and Development, Carlton Hotel, Amidar – National Housing Corporation Ltd., Shwatina – Restaurant Network Ltd., Zena – Jerusalem Center Ltd., Telfire Detector and Gas Ltd., Rital Delicatessen, English Hospital – Nazareth, French Hospital – Nazareth and more …

    We look forward to seeing you among our many satisfied customers, and enjoy excellent and reliable service!


    Our team

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    Long term and experience in the field

    Professional and experienced staff

    S. A. A. Engineering & Air Conditioning employs of the best professionals in the field of air conditioning, to meet every need arising during the different stages of system construction and after its delivery, all while complying with the highest standard of service in our field.

    Service and maintenance

    S. A. A. Engineering & Air Conditioning aims to provide its customers with the best systems with the highest level of reliability and maximum lifespan.

    Management and installation of air conditioning systems

    We have years of experience in installing various air conditioning systems: VRF Systems, chillers and cooling facilities, industrial ventilation , water condensing units, computer rooms units, and more.

    Installation and Pipes

    Air conditioning piping, Industrial Piping, Establishment of pump rooms, Air conditioning ducts, Blowers for smoke release , blowers to compress, Steamers, Drainage channels

    For consultation with the team of experts, fill in the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible: